General e-waste

Essentially any electrical product with a plug or a battery when it reaches the end of its useful life is deemed as e-waste.

We have facilities in every state in Australia for the processing of electronic waste. You can have the confidence when partnering with the Ecocycle Group of dealing with a professional, innovative company at the forefront of recycling in Australia.

With our Launceston based ‘Castings Tasmania’ business we will re-use a portion of the extracted ferrous metals in the production of a range of cast metal products we manufacture onsite. ACL Metal powders will use most of the pure copper recycled from our e-waste to manufacture our quality powders which are exported around the world.

Eco e-waste is committed to maximising the recovery of essential materials separating the metals into their individual grades and recovering down to 1mm in size in our fines plant.  A truely unique process not seen in Australia before.  Plastics are recovered and recycled with various end uses for this challenging mixed product.

Vapes are becoming a recycling problem as more find their way into our waste streams and landfills. Dumped vapes creates fire hazards and serious contamination problems.