Australia’s most

experienced recycling company

Eco e-waste are part of the Ecocycle group of companies that specializes in downstream processing and state of the art recycling with capabilities to recycle metal, batteries, mercury, and plastic.

The business was originally founded in 1990, as Southern Rocycling Pty Ltd.  It operated very successfully for nearly 17 years when it was acquired by a public listed company in 2007.  In 2011 the Rowe family repurchased part of the company under the Recycal brand and for the last ten years it has been one of Australia’s most innovative and progressive recycling companies.    

Other companies operating as part of the group include:

Ecocycle Pty Ltd are Australasia’s most experienced mercury recovery business. Traditionally Ecocycle has been recycling and recovering mercury from Lighting Waste, Dental Amalgam, and Batteries as well as material coming from the oil, gas and mining industries.

Ecobatt specialises in the safe collection, processing, and recycling of battery products. With a meticulous approach to safety and professionalism the company has invested in a state-of-the-art facility at Campbellfield, which is modelled on proven world-class battery recycling technology.

A specialist electronics recycling company that has the national coverage to pick up, process and sort all e-waste arisings into a comprehensive range of materials that are suitable for a range of recycling processes.

This new business aims to tackle the recycling of hard and soft plastics and convert them into re-usable plastic pallets

Australia’s foremost scrap metal recycling company. It's state-of-the-art processing equipment enables it to specialise in upgrading metals into value added separated materials.

ACL Metal Powders, manufacturers of world-renowned high-quality copper powders. We remelt recycled manufactured copper granules, produced by Recycal, into a range of Copper alloy powders that are exported world-wide.

Castings Tasmania Pty Ltd, a specialist manufacturer of quality castings for industry in Australia is currently going through a major re- modernization program, which will ensure it becomes one of the most efficient world class foundries delivering quality casting manufacturing.