Mobile Phones

Our mobile phone recycling program has been established to encourage the safe and responsible disposal of old or unwanted mobile phones.

Millions of mobile phone are left lying around in people’s homes due to concerns regarding what will happen to the personal information and/or photos left on the devices. 

We offer a safe and secure solution. There is no need to package up your phone and drop it to a Post Office, after which it will pass through multiple hands and various transport and miscellaneous companies.  This process can lead to greater risk and little control over what happens to your old phone and its data.

Every mobile phone dropped into our extensive network of Ecobatt, battery and mobile phone collection bins, will be collected, sorted and recycling by us, a single national company.  Our bins can be conveniently found in many large retailers including your local supermarkets. Be assured that Eco e-waste will destroy all your phone data. The entire device is shredded and all valuable and critical metal is recovered for recycling.  

Our sister company, Ecobatt has state-of-the-art mobile and battery bin collection bins that are safe and approved for use in supermarkets, schools, offices, factories, or retail outlets.

By November 2023, we expect to have 6,500 units nationally that will mean most Australians will be able to access one of our mobile phone and battery recycling bins within a five-kilometre radius of where they are.  These bins are specifically designed for mobile phones and batteries but are NOT suitable for other e-waste.

Look out for our bins at your local supermarket, BigW, JB Hi Fi and Good Guys stores.  Help your environment by placing your old mobile phone (and batteries) in our bins and our national company will recover and recycle the valuable metals.